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RE: driveshaft carrier lubrication

>     Can't grease the S4 that easily, though - you have to 
> pull the exhaust
> system and heat shield just to see the driveshaft. I'm 
> assuming there is no
> grease fitting on the u-joint at this point :o)

... there was one on the u-joint on my V8's propshaft, which is also hidden
behind the exhaust system and a heat shield.  Memory's a bit fuzzy, but I
think I could access the fitting with the exhaust intact, but in any case it
wasn't that tough to separate the exhaust to access it [as I found with the
QTC it appears that Audi put a little thought into service when they
designed the exhaust for this car].  Lubing the u-joint calmed my car's
tendency for driveline vibration under power.  

BTW, I too have had to adjust the orientation of the fitting to make access
for the grease pump easier.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)