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brakes/rotors wear uneven front and rear

Hi All,

My experience is that I've replaced the front pads 4X as often as the rear
pads.  e.g. fronts about every 40K miles and the rears at about 160K whether
they needed it or not.  My car is an 81 5KT, FWD only.  I think this sort of
wear is normal for a front engine, front wheel drive car.

My .02.


Jim Jordan
81 5KT > 300K Miles

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> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 22:35:29 EST
> From: FBFISH@aol.com
> Subject: Re: brakes/rotors
> In a message dated 12/7/99 3:06:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> Lori.Hoeppner@NWA.com writes:
> <<  Does anyone have
>  any information about this.  >>
> Lori- I have no experience withn your car, but I have had a similar
> experience on my truck. It turns out if your back brakes are not
> doing their
> job, the fronts will wear very quickly. HTH
> Frank Santoro
> 1990 V8
> 1998 A8
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