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RE: Monkey Lad SUV driver!!!!!!!!

Hit and Run.   I saw it from a distance, and could not get a plate.

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From: Paul Nicholson [mailto:paul@eisusa.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 9:44 AM
To: Harten Eric 1LT 57 WG/DTWC; 'quattro list'
Subject: Re: Monkey Lad SUV driver!!!!!!!!

Did he fess up, or hit and run?

At 7:39 AM -0800 12/8/99, Harten Eric 1LT 57 WG/DTWC wrote:
>	Some @$%*& blind moron in an SUV decided that he wanted my parking
>space at the mall WITH MY CAR STILL IN IT !!!!!!      Needless to say I no
>longer have a passenger rear tail light (in-board portion).  Luckily they
>only hit plastic and did not bend any metal.   Does anybody have a tail
>light assembly (passenger side or both) for a 93'-95' 90Q?  
>	Here is something to chew on.  One of the reasons we don't have many
>of our Euro dream cars in this country is because their bumpers are to low.
>Yet, we do let our local yahoos jack their trucks up such that their
>are level with my tail lights.  At this rate I will have to put a 12" lift
>on my Audi to protect it!  Sorry for the rant.  This is only my second
>vehicle hit by an SUV in a parking lot this month.  Any leads on a tail
>light would be appreciated.
>Eric Harten
>1995 90 SQ  2.8
>1999 Passat 1.8T