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new '94 90CSQ

Hello everyone.
We just brough home a '94 90CSQ with 57k miles. I've been lurking
around the list for a while reading the archives just enough to be
convinced that the major 60k service (T-belt, O2pump, tensionner...) is
a must.

The car is super clean both mechanically and cosmetically and we're
looking forward to many years of enjoyment. So far, we've only found 2
minor issues, both electrical. 
1. The outside temp display doesn't register anything. From what I read
in the archives the temp sensors are somewhat prone to failure which
cause incorrect temp reading and the unwanted AC automatic adjustments
(hot air for example) but I have not found any references to a lack of
display for the outside temp. Any ideas? 
2. The dome light isn't working. The bulb is fine and I suspect the
switch, though I haven't yet verified that it's getting juice. Are
electrical switches one of Audi's gremlins?

Oh, before I forget, can anyone recommend a source for the appropriate
Bentley manual? B&N and Amazon don't seem to carry it.

Thanks for bandwith.

San Jose, CA
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