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RE: Monkey Lad SUV driver!!!!!!!!

Meow!! .......Just kidding!  We all hear you... but what can we do about
it?  There was a really good news article about the differences in
bumpers and the commentator mentioned that you would have to run into
exactly the same vehicle as your own in order for your bumper to be
Also, some of us (we won't mention any names) are also into off-road
4x4's. But since we also drive Audi's we are extra careful when parking
our 4X4's.  Right everyone?

Stephane Livolsi
180 Yorston St
Williams Lake, BC, V2G 3Z1
ph 250-392-2637
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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

>From: 	Harten Eric 1LT 57 WG/DTWC[SMTP:Eric.Harten@nellis.af.mil]
>Sent: 	December 8, 1999 7:39 AM
>To: 	'quattro list'
>Subject: 	Monkey Lad SUV driver!!!!!!!!
>	Some @$%*& blind moron in an SUV decided that he wanted my parking
>space at the mall WITH MY CAR STILL IN IT !!!!!!      Needless to say I no
>longer have a passenger rear tail light (in-board portion).  Luckily they
>only hit plastic and did not bend any metal.   Does anybody have a tail
>light assembly (passenger side or both) for a 93'-95' 90Q?  
>	Here is something to chew on.  One of the reasons we don't have many
>of our Euro dream cars in this country is because their bumpers are to low.
>Yet, we do let our local yahoos jack their trucks up such that their bumpers
>are level with my tail lights.  At this rate I will have to put a 12" lift
>on my Audi to protect it!  Sorry for the rant.  This is only my second
>vehicle hit by an SUV in a parking lot this month.  Any leads on a tail
>light would be appreciated.
>Eric Harten
>1995 90 SQ  2.8
>1999 Passat 1.8T