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Re: new '94 90CSQ

I have a set of manuals I can sell...give you $75 off list.
Let me know.

Rob Andrews -- Dell Home Sales
1800-879-3355 x 47218 Rob_Andrews@Dell.com
99 A4 2.8Q--too many toys to list...

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From: Rob Lloyd <rclloyd@ix.netcom.com>
To: Sebastien Cayolle <scayolle@yahoo.com>; <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 5:17 PM
Subject: RE: new '94 90CSQ

> There is no Bently for the '92-95 90, yet. Apparently, it is in the works,
> though. For now, the only available manual is the Audi Factory manual
> published by Dyment, it sells for $400 complete, but you _can_ buy
> individual secions...
> Rob Lloyd
> '93 90 CSQ
> Hello everyone.
> We just brough home a '94 90CSQ with 57k miles. I've been lurking
> around the list for a while reading the archives just enough to be
> convinced that the major 60k service (T-belt, O2pump, tensionner...) is
> a must.
> The car is super clean both mechanically and cosmetically and we're
> looking forward to many years of enjoyment. So far, we've only found 2
> minor issues, both electrical.
> 1. The outside temp display doesn't register anything. From what I read
> in the archives the temp sensors are somewhat prone to failure which
> cause incorrect temp reading and the unwanted AC automatic adjustments
> (hot air for example) but I have not found any references to a lack of
> display for the outside temp. Any ideas?
> 2. The dome light isn't working. The bulb is fine and I suspect the
> switch, though I haven't yet verified that it's getting juice. Are
> electrical switches one of Audi's gremlins?
> Oh, before I forget, can anyone recommend a source for the appropriate
> Bentley manual? B&N and Amazon don't seem to carry it.
> Thanks for bandwith.
> Seb.
> San Jose, CA
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