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Fw: Headlight conversion and other confusion

Is it worth converting to H4 bulbs if I keep the same reflector/housing. I
> have a 1990 CQ. I heard from some that even though the housing is crappy,
> it's still worth it, but then from others that it's not and actually can't
> be done. I then heard it's good to convert to 9007s if I keep the same
> housing. Then there's the whole wiring harness deal. I don't know what to
> do, I heard today that I can keep the housing, change to some type of
> Phillips xenon bulb at normal wattage but still get 30% more light.
> I would love to hear from anyone with practical exp. in this area. Also
> I only use premium now that the car is almost 10 yrs old?
> Thanks, Jeff