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Re: NAC!! Turbo Dodge

Hi all,

My first post after lurking for a week or two, after purchasing
a 5ktq.  I must say I'm enjoying the conversations and finding
this a useful resource.

> > I just bought a 1984 Dodge Colt Turbo.
> Is it running the GLH motor?  2.2 turbo?

I am no expert on this but I believe it is not, but is in fact
a Mitsubishi motor related to that in the Mitsubishi Eclipse,
Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser, henceforth referred to DSMs 
(Diamond Star Motors, the collaboration that created these and
other fun cars).  I think the Colt (Mits Mirage) is a 1.6,
however people have put the 2.0 and/or bigger turbos from the
DSM in them creating a very small monster.  For more
information www.dsm.org is an awesome resource to start from.

Those of you may interested in spraying your intercoolers and
water injection may want to check the list archives on this
site as this topic has had much said on it.

While I'm here, an on topic question:  I know there is a
Q-list decal and have previously come across the URL for it
but I now can't seem to find this in the archives :-(  Could
whoever this concerns repost this or perhaps put it on the
audifans site.

86 5ktq
Daniel Sutcliffe <DanSut@tcNOW.com>