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Monkette SUV driver

Hey Q-list:

Before I came over to the Audi side, I drove a Trooper.  The only safety feature
this car had was that you were sitting up high and could see everything.  I
still bump into that little curvy curb every day leaving the parking garage
because I'm used to being able to see it.  The trouble is that the STOCK height
of most SUVs is too high.  Have you seen that Mercedes SUV?  You need a ladder
to get into it.

As for parking garages accidents, there are now two Audis that regularly park
psychotically in my garage.  One is a lovely little green 90, with tan leather
that parks in the compact spot, with its tail sticking way over the line every
day.  The only way they could get into it like that is to go the wrong way down
the ramp--an accident waiting to happen.  Too bad cause it's a nice car.  The
other is a brand new A6 that always parks in the compact spots near the big
garage support posts.  I know that one day they will wreck that sparkling
platinum finish pulling out of that narrow spot.

I know that no one on the list would park like this.  Some of you have commented
before about my busybody obsession with other people's parking habits.  I don't
know why but it bugs me when I see Audi drivers parking badly.  Next thing you
know, they'll be will be stenciling "UPS" on the sides of their cars.

4kcsQ:Eurotrash Princess