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RE: Monkey-lad SUV thread

As one that owns 2 quattros, both with modded suspensions (slightly lower 
than  stock), and 1 "off road suv" with modded suspension (slightly higher 
than stock), I'm smiling at this thread.  Given the amount of "lowered" 
suspensions I've done in my shop (eibachs, bilsteins, etc), this is a two way 
street.  Recent legislation requires that trucks put a rear crash bar on the 
tail to help avoid the undershoot of a crashing car...  Ever measure how high 
these are?  I know that the ones I've seen certainly are higher than my 
4runner bumper, which means that a quattro would never hit it, even in stock 
trim.  Not sure what the safety point is. 

Bumper height differences are a nature of different cars.  The complaint is 
that a SUV driver did a hit and run on a q, that's all.  Would it be 
different if a monkey lad quattro creased the rear quarter panel (btst)?  I 
suppose we could theoretically argue all should drive quattros, but then what 
do we do with those that have lowered them?  Come on guys.  No one minds a 
rant or two, but as of late, seeing Scott M being charged as a monkey lad, 
and "other" marque drivers charged the same, it's either boredom or cabin 

I sure have had plenty of bonzai quattro owners thank me for either the tow 
or the extraction, when an overconfident driver biffed and/or high centered 
his quattro advantage.  The point is, there are as many (if not more, IME) 
"monkey-lad" quattro drivers as there are SUV's.  One could easily argue this 
point just by the content of this very thread.

But hey, this is the quatto list, we bow to audi gods, so should all others 
by golly...

Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
'87 5ktqwRS2 -10vt
'84 RS2URQ - 20vt
'87 4Runner turbo RESQ