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Re: Monkey-lads aren't audi exempt

In a message dated 12/9/99 10:50:04 AM Central Standard Time, 
brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net writes:

> I've seen new bars that are far lower, ending about the same height 
>  as the bumper on my 200.  Mostly on brand new trailers only.
So, 200 owners are safer, SUV's aren't, there ya go.  Another bow...  :)
FYI, I've seen bars on new trucks that aren't close to the same height as the 
bumper on a Prorally 200tq or my 4Runner.

Brett, the point is, there are "Monkey lads" (tm - qlist) driving audis, 
SUV's, BMW's, all marques....  You go to enough track events (especially in 
the rain) ML's are everywhere, no marque rules.  IME, you can watch some of 
the true "quattro advantage" believers do some really stupid things, 
especially when weather conditions are less than ideal.  Bottom Line:  A 
Monkey Lad, by this thread's definition, isn't prohibited from piloting an 
audi.  So, what's the finger pointing about?  A parking lot hit and run?  
That's just *ssh*le behavior, period.  When that guy returns his SUV to the 
garage and drives the wife's audi, is he more or less of a monkey-lad?  
Wouldn't that make the behavior a result of what's behind the wheel, not at 
all what the wheel is attached to?

How bout we just take the rant as a rant, and continue on with quattro 


Scott J