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RE: Redlinin'

> Everyone seems to keep forgetting about Redline MTL.  MT-90 
> is great if
> you live in a warm climate but in cold climates that have 
> cold winters the
> MTL works much better.  Its the same type of stuff as the 
> MT-90  (has the
> friction stuff for snchros designating the MT before it for Manual
> Transaxle) but is a lighter weight.  75-80 weight where the MT-90 is a
> 75-90.  yea, bthey are both 75-weight rated but the MTL works 
> better at
> low temps.  thats why its there.  Event he Redline Reps 
> reccoment MTL for

... when I look at Audi's spec for the tranny/diff lube I don't see any
allowance for temperature variations ... and I'd imagine that there are
places in Europe where the car is sold that are as cold as Idaho.  Frankly,
I had concerns about matching the manufacturer's specifications with the
MT-90, but that is what I use in my car.  

As always everyone is free to do as they wish, but I tend to like to stay as
close to what the manufacturer specifies when it comes to lubricants ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)