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Hiltech fuel injection?


Silly thoughts again...

Anyone familiar with the Hiltech semi-sequential fuel
injection used in the Dialynx Audi Sport Quattro?

What is semi-sequential injection? Something like
CIS, but EFI injectors to dump extra fuel above
constant rate for a specific piston?

Just saw it in a 0-100-0 mph shoot out and the details
mentioned Hiltech injection and Accralite pistons.
It did a wonderful 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds and did
the 0-100mph and back to 0mph in 14.2. Listed as 490hp
at 1.8 bar and also uses water injection. It was beaten
by 0.6seconds by a Cossie powered Dax, a 5-litre
RS500 open top 2 seater looking like a Lotus 7 things.

Excuse WOB.

q-list info: 1989/90 200 (mac13a MC-1)

q-list info: 1989/90 200 (mac13a MC-1)