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Re: Center diff lock actuator replacement

On 12/07/99 23:26:23 you wrote:
>Hey, good idea. Could you send me the part number ?
>> I ended up replacing mine with a custom vaccum unit from an
>> industrial supply catalog (Graingers)It's made out of stain-
>> less steel (cost about $25) so it should last a bit longer,
>> works like a dream.
>> Good luck!
>> Bill
>D. Whitson
>'86 4000 CS Q

Its called a double action air cylinder (nose mount). I think it was 1.5" bore and 1" stroke. 
Grainger PN 6W085 (page 2879 in catalog #389). You need to modify the mounting bracket to accept 
the cylinder and add nipples to attach the hoses. A friend of mine 
(John Sweeney) did the whole thing up pretty sweet. It helps to have friends who work in machine