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Water Temp & Digital Dash

This is a mis-directed communication. We are sure that you know the answer 
better than we do *grin*:

Dear AudiUSA:

I have a 1987 Audi Coupe GT with your famous anniversary digital dash 
cluster. Recently, the water temperature readout has been going all the way 
to the right (indicating very hot temps) and even stays static there FLASHING 
when car is under throttle.  When the car is idle, the display returns back 
to half-way (normal). I have been driving it like this for 6 months, but I 
would like to know if it a defective water temp sensor, or if my water is 
getting THAT HOT.  If the sensor is correct, what do I need to do in order to 
fix the water temp problem?  Thank you for you help. You make great cars.

Kevin Decerta