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RE: Really awful TT experience

I've been following the 1.8t New Beetle info. over the past few months.
This car shares the same engine and platform as the TT.  Don't know if the
transmission is the same (but suspect so), but have heard of premature
clutch failures on that car as well.  Haven't seen any tranmission problems
listed, however.

Sigh.  Guess we will probably wait until the 4-motion New Beetle reaches
these shores.  All the performance of the TT for $10k-$15k less!

At 04:22 PM 12/9/99 -0500, Rich, Jack wrote:
>>I've never read such a horrible dealer service history in all my life.
>>The owner doesn't even appear to be getting angry through it all, which
>>mystifies me. 
>A TT is so wonderful that he puts up with it.  And not angry isn't quite
>true.  He is active on the TT forum, so I know that AoA has offered him a
>buyback, with deduction for milage, of course.  He says the AoA rep said
>that they can never make him a happy owner, so they don't want to try to fix
>his car anymore.  It appears they've stopped believing that there is a
>problem.  However, he loves his TT, and would much rather they get the damn
>transmission fixed.  He is, however, pretty fed up.
>3 bad transmissions says that he is either extremely unlucky, or there is
>some other problem with the car (like the clutch?) that causes his tranny to
>fail.  Of course, what dealer will ever successfully diagnose some secondary
>cause?  It does appear that the weak link in a TT may be the 2nd gear
>Jack Rich
Best Regards,

John Karasaki