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Re: Rally videos

This guy here at work gave(lent) me an old(80,s) rally
movie clip that was taped off of a Laserdisc. That
features the audi coupe quattro, It is called The Audi
Quattro in World Rally Championships. I am planning on
making a  copy for myself and also putting on this
tape the Speedvision coverage of the World Rally
Finland and China that will be on this sunday. I will
let you know how the tape comes out, if it comes out
well and your willing to send a tape and pay for
return shipping I can make you a copy.

Joel Nevin
96 A4 Quattro
83 UR Quattro

--- Mike <Leuck@concentric.net> wrote:
>     Does anyone have any rally videos for sale?  I
> really would like to
> watch one, but I can not find them anywhere....
> Thanks
> Jeryd
> Ps,  any videos with Audis would be great.........

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