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"new" 200TQ with electical gremlins

Hi everyone,	
	Last week I bought a 90 200Q, and have been enjoying the exchange
here. It's a gorgeous car, only had a hesitation accelerating above 3700rpm
and heated seats to one day fix, not panic items.
But now I need help, last night the warning for a brake light bulb came on,
no problem I thought, but when I got home and checked the side markers and
running lights on the left side were all out with another light warning. I
found the blown 5A fuse and everything seemed ok, but I was wondering why??
Backed out of garage this morning and lost the side lamps again, but no
brake light warning!! Help please.

Although maintained by a "specialist" I found single electrode NGKs in it,
so hoping correct plugs will help with hesitation, previous owner never went
over 4000 rpm. Now I know why. It reached 1.4b in 5th before 2500rpm this
morning which I gather is good. 
Q. How much different is accel'n with 1.8b
In anticipation
	Trevor Topley, Ontario, (Lights on when motor starts)
	200 TQ 161k and will not be stock for long
	Honda CX650 Turbo (18psi boost, stock and fast enough)