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procon/ten? [was: Re: Crash Test Results for Older Audis, and a Dodge Colt]

What's procon/ten?

If I were to guess, is it a cable-operated seatbelt tensioning 



"Alexander van Gerbig" <Audi_80@email.msn.com> wrote:
>     The 4k and the 80 are quite a bit different.  At least this is what my
> Audi 80 history tells me.  The 4k has a different chassis in my memory.  80
> has side impact beams, 5/10 mph bumpers, and procon/ten.  4k had none of
> those.  The 80 was a whole new car, or my Audi 80 History in my site is
> totally wrong.  I know my car has the procon system, retracts the belts if
> the engine/trans is pushed inwards towards the cabin.  Maybe that made it
> safer?
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