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Re: Still searching that commercial...

Thanks, I know the one on volkswagen.org too. However, it's not 
the same one. The one I'm searching has the Quattro driving up a 6-
foot wide ramp. It's the kind of ramp that Eddy the Eagle used to 
jump off... you know, you go to the top, put on your skis and wait 
for the signal. Then you slide down and when you get to the end, 
you jump off and stay in the sky as long as you can. I'm absolutely 
no skiiing expert, as this explanation illustrates :-) and I simply can't 
seem to find the right English words to explain it better.

What they did - the used a crane to hoist the 100Q (a 5000Q in the 
states) on the lower platform- the spot where you normally would 
jump off the ramp - and then drove it BACK UP. It's an amazingly 
steep ramp, probably 20-40%. I'm positive it was made before 
1987, as it was the old 100-model.

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