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RE: IC's again

Stephan writes:
>Hey, guys and gals!  How do you think that the current standard in IC's
>or anything else came to be?  Somebody took an existing product or idea
>and applied some of their own ideas to it.  Sometimes they came up with
>a better product and sometimes they didn't.  But we all have to agree
>that if no one ever TRIES something different, we won't be seeing very
>many improvements.  What if nobody had ever tried fuel injection?  

Most of the above follows a very specific track from concept to execution.  A 
review of the available literature, a presented need for the "improvement" 
identified in the review of lit.  This would also include the testing results 
of the existing hardware (same core double and single pass, turbo flow, IC 
efficiencies, pressure drop, surface area, fins per inch: internally and 
externally), the pros and cons of a given design, and identified areas of 
improvement > THEN design build and test the execution of improvements in 
these areas.  Right now, this IC thing is bigger than life on this qlist with 
none of the above.  Try something different?  Sure, but do it on a good solid 
understanding and baselining of concepts.  I'm no expert (just plenty of 
measured IC btdt), yet what I see lacks the above.  Steve B presented this 
summary well, it sure appears obvious to a few of us, that the budget for a 
$1,000,000 financed turbo race car, means a team could make an IC out of 
silver if they wanted.  They don't, they use aluminum, usually from 
spearco... hmmm.  Why?  Answering that question alone might help here.

I take the perspective that what we have is youthful energy on an idea.  I 
sure would like to see that enthusiasm put to better use.  There are some 
really good stock IC's available at the yards for a really low amount of 
money.  Time is better spent on figuring out how to get it to fit properly in 
a given audi turbo car.  Reinventing an IC, seems to be a little premature, 
from what I've read on the topic here.

My .02

Scott Justusson