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RE: IC ramblings

Linus writes:
>some time back, i discussed this topic with Ned.  general statement (i.e. 
>lots of caveats, not sure where they all fit):  the more surface area you 
>expose to the cooling airstream, the better the intercooler effect.  of 
>course, as you increase the height and width of the intercooler, you'll 
>need to make it thinner (another plus) so as not to go too big on i/c 
>volume.  long story short:  the factory Volvo 740/940 turbo intercooler is 
>exactly such a beast--about 2 ft high, 2 ft wide, only an inch thick, 
>single pass.  scuttlebut is the Volvo intercooler is a great upgrade for 
>SVO Mustangs.  Unfortunately for us, that would be a tough heat exchanger 
>to mount under our hoods.
>food for thought.

NOW we are getting to the good stuf wrt IC mods, IMO.  That volvo IC is 
really neat, my Toyota uses it with a minimum of modification (read 4 bolts 
20 washers to space it from the radiator.  If memory serves, I believe the 
core dimensions are 20w x 19h x 1in thick, but the end caps are tapered and 
the max with on inlet and outlet is about 24in.   Definitely tough to put in 
any audi.

Scott Justusson
'87 4Runner turbo (volvo 740 IC)