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5000 turbo diesel wanted

my friend w/ the '83 5kTD just was rearended ..between that and the front 
deer damage, he's looking for another TD. (he's a turbodiesel freak)
this is a long shot, but i told him i would post it for him.. 
would prefer either a '81-'83 US model 5kTD , or a '84 up Canadian Model 5kTD 
with a nice straight/solid body. no rustbuckets.. engine isnt as important as 
the body, but would be a plus if it ran. 
was there ever such thing as a NON-US model type 44 TDQ???
he's in allentown, pa, but would travel for a nice one.
also would consider a '84 up Canadian 5k diesel (non turbo) but would prefer 

'86 5kT, TQ