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Re: Homebrew IC's

> separate website dedicated to just IC's might help many here.  Lots of myths
> about them, based on this thread alone.

Trouble is, IME, the web site has to be created by someone who knows the
subject well.  Since web sites are basically free, anyone who has data
can put it up on the www, and traffic, reputation and links will do the
rest (separate the wheat from the chaff).

I think what Mr. Babbar is doing is building a cheap replacement for his
IC cause the old one is broken/breaking.  Somewhere along the line he
got excited and thought he might as well try to make it better as well. 
A lot of other people have also become excited by that prospect.  More
power to all of them.  Now, if there is some btdt/science here,
especially real science not MST3, wouldn't it have turned up?  People
could have said, hey here are the heat conductivity #'s for
copper/aluminum/cardboard, shared optimum volumes, areas, basic stuff
like that, explained why, and so on and so forth.

I think if you look past the personality, the btdt did finally turn up
and recommended getting junkyard stuff, another model part... etc.

Anyway (whew!), I think it will be cool (groan) if Steve's new toy works
*at all*.  And he's probably spending less than the cost of two tix to
to Ronin (MAC?) at the 'plex.  He can always throw a manufactured part
in there afterwards.

And wouldn't it be nice if it turned out to work better than stock?

Waiting for photos in Lee

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe  brm brm... brm brm brm