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Re: Crash Test Results for Older Audis, and a Dodge Colt

    Yeah you survived, very important!  Although I closely looked at the
pictures and you can see how the driver's safety cage was totally crumpled.
Look at the roof, that shouldn't happen in a crash.  This is expected with
older cars since the technical design and chassis weren't like today's.  I
have seem some new Mercedes crash videos, they have it done well.  Front end
impact leaves the driver's/passenger's cabin perfectly intact.  The energy
from the crash is absorbed mostly by the front end, then if the crash has
enough force the energy is sent through the chassis underneath the cabin
where the chassis finishes absorbing the impact.  Really cool to watch.
    I just posted those numbers off a site, I didn't make them up.  I hope
that the 5k crash test results are not right, my sister drives an '86 5ks!


Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 Audi 80

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