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Re: Value of 5kT?

Jay -

While the car might be a "good deal" at $600 to a willing
owner/mechanic, I wouldn't have any dreams of turning around an '86 Audi
for a profit! That sounds like a tough goal to achieve, given the high
maintenance and low resale on these cars. 

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 161k

>            I am lurker on this list, as I own a Porsche, I find some of the
> info to be cross-related. Anyhow, I found an 86 5KT (dont know if it is Q) in
> decent shape, for $600.00, it is at a used car lot, it is not running. The
> car lot said it is the fuel pump, and that they will fix it and make it run
> for that price... My question is:
> If I buy this car, put a little TLC into, and make it run correctly, what
> kind of resale value might I expect? I am hoping that maybe I could sell it
> for $2500+ if it was running. Any one have any input? TIA
> Jay
> 82 924
> 77 924'
> 55 VW
> 83 Ranger 4X4


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