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Use a radiator as an IC?

Yesterday, while cleaning out my garage to make room for yet more V8 parts, I 
came across the radiator from the '87 5k that I wrecked a few years ago.  I 
saved it because one of the end tanks was still good and I thought it may 
come in handy someday (of course, that was four years ago...).  In the end, I 
decided save just the tank and pitch the core and as I was removing one from 
the other, it suddenly hit me: Why can't a radiator be used as an IC?

It's very, very similar in design and although the internal passages are 
smaller, there are quite a few more of them ... I haven't measured the 
pressure drop across it or the flow rate through it so I don't know how they 
compare but this is just one radiator design and I'm sure there are others 
that are built differently.  Perhaps the radiator from a large truck that's 
been cut down will work?  I know that used ones can be had cheaply -- a 
friend's father paid $40 for one for his old Mack a few weeks ago -- and any 
competent radiator shop should be able to cut it down in size and solder it 
back together easily and cheaply enough so long as it's made of brass.  Food 
for thought, anyway...

JG (who has a Spearco core on a shelf in his garage and isn't afraid to use