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Please end the thread

I'm really not interested in defending myself to people that very
obviously haven't been following the thread from the beginning. I've seen
total criticisms (primarily scott justasson) without knowing the basics of
design, how much progress I've made and even that copper conducts better
than Al?

Al is porous, lighter. I've found that in these applications, al is less
expensive, lighter.

For myself, I have equipment for copper. Al brazing, as I've pointed out
before, was always a tricky thing for me in thin wall configs. Easy burn
through. The copper is available, readily.

Btw: it's almost complete, the only thing is the price on the core mat'l.
If it wasn't for this roadblock, the ic would have been finished in 2-3

I've said previously, I like to be creative, I can set aside some time for
stress relief through this project. There's always quite a bit of
intellectual stimulation, as well as improvisation. Another lister pointed
out to me that projects like this are fun. They really are, but not when I
have to constantly defend my actions and qualifications to people that
pull 3 words out of a sentence and run with it. It builds through other
misinformed people (that may actually like the point if they saw it early
on, objectively) and never ends.

Scott, kill the thread, please. I don't want to anger any more listers
about my idea. I have about a dozen or so on my list. Anyone else wants
info, they can simply email. This isn't a separate list; it's simply a
distribution list. I'm hopeful that the others on the ic list with similar
projects can help.

An end, please?

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