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Re: Really awful TT experience (long saga)

On the subject of "3 replaced transmissions" in the TT in question. I had an 
experience with a local Toyota dealer (and later on CA state lemon law 
arbitration with Toyota Motor Sales) in 1985 involving the 5spd transmission 
in a then new pick-em-up truck. The dealership rebuilt and then later 
"replaced" said transmission when the truck had between 5 and 10k miles for 
severe (frightening--as in sounding like it could sieze) gear lash noise. 
Each time I got the truck back "fixed" the noise remained. Before the truck 
went in to get the transmission replaced, I marked it. When I got the truck 
back, with the same noise coming from a "new transmission" the old (marked) 
transmission was still in the truck. At that point the dealer wanted nothing 
more to do with me. The arbitration process (done by the BBB) was a 
nightmare...I won, but Toyota appealed on the last day (they were allowed 30 
days to comply with the arbitrator's decision or appeal). Instead of going 
through the process all over again, I sold the truck and swore off Asian 
vehicles for life. While I have had some trouble with Audi dealers (I have 
owned two new and one near new Audi), never was an experience this bad. Then 
again...there are reasons I now own used and don't buy new...and one of them 
is the stress of dealing with dealer service departments and warranties.

The upshot of the story is that perhaps this guy really isn't abusing his TT 
and may well be getting screwed by a bad dealer. Hard to say...Sounds to me 
like this is an abusive owner, a bad dealer, or a little of both. I doubt it 
is a reflection on the TT build quality.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq