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Re: Homebrew IC's

In a message dated 12/10/99 11:25:23 AM Central Standard Time, 
sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu writes:

> Very obviously, from your post, you know nothing about the configuration
>  I've discussed in detail, yet you continue to knock the idea down. Read
>  the body, you're asking about configuration, etc. and then you make a bold
>  statement saying that I'm trying to reinvent the wheel and my motivation
>  is a $10 fix? 

Obviously you don't know what hints can be found in questions, I read every 
post wrt to this topic you started on 12-6.  I'm the realist and practical 
guy with a lot of questions, that I *think* you need to have answers to 
before you should start construction.  I didn't mention a 10dollar fix, you 
did in reference to a WG modification, to which I gave an opinion.  Cost is 
one of your primary motivations, it's in a bunch of your posts.  Are you sure 
copper is the best material?   Why isn't spearco using copper at all?  Isn't 
it cheaper and easier to work with per your own posts?   Bottom Line:  Your 
post here was easy to write, but answers no questions.  In fact you posed a 
few of the basics to this list.  If you got answers to them, you should be 
able to easily answer mine.  If you *can't* that's not a big deal, it just 
makes *your* project that much harder, IMO.  What is your target efficiency, 
target flow, target pressure drop and why?   Those should be fairly simple 
for a guy that understands and wants to build an IC, don't you think?  I do.
>  I'm sorry to contribute to this after agreeing to end this, but inane
>  comments like this really get to me, especially when other listers will
>  poick up this letter out of context and flame me about the idea. To answer
>  all your questions, look no further than the archives.

I did, and I still have a bunch of questions, all in the archives as well.  
Sachelle, I wish you the best of luck, and believe it or not, you got help.  
I just don't share my homework freely.  I shouldn't need to share my homework 
wrt IC, you should have it done.  You asking about flow numbers and IC 
efficiencies means you haven't done it.  The irony is, it's all at your 

Your punches indicate that you don't want to be questioned, you want to 
*give* the answers.  Fine, reread my questions, can you answer them?  The 
only one that "appears" to be answered is size.  There, you have a huge 
problem in and of itself (read that as a HINT, not as something I don't 
know).  Finding the stock IC efficiency might help you understand that.  Can 
you present the different core flow configurations that are currently 
available and their pros and cons?  How does the stock audi IC fit into those 
configs in terms of efficiency and flow?

Sachelle, why the shots?  This isn't rocket science, nor should you be 
reinventing the IC wheel.  A review of what's available in non marque OEM, 
Spearco, and just the literature would help you emensely.  If you don't want 
to follow that protocol or can't answer the questions on IC theory I posed, 
I'm just going to remain a skeptic. This is about spending time and BW on a 
subject that has a whole bunch of professional documentation with it.  Given 
the really basic questions you posed on 12-6>12-8, you must have spent a 
whole bunch of time in the library in the last 2 days, or not...

Respectfully submitted from your lab tech

Scott Justusson