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Re: Value of 5kT?

I would say that, in general, trying to "turn around" older Audis for profit is
fruitless. Now, buying them to drive (hard!) and enjoy, for cheap, is another
thing altogether. I owned one very similar to that model, this was my experience
in that regard:
I bought my 1987 5kcst in January 1996, for $4000. Seems high- but I do not
believe, realistically, that you could find a cleaner, better maintained example
anywhere. Downright gorgeous Nautical blue, perfect leather inside, Alpine tunes,
bone stock, car cover and sheepskins included. Four years ago, that was slightly
above book, I felt it was worth it. The seller, I think, was skeptical, he asked
$10,000 for it 18 months before I got it for $4k! If a comparable car showed up
for sale, I think today it would be worth around $3000. I drove this car daily
until July 1999. It by then had hydraulic leaks (replaced everything once
already...), inop AC, and 198k miles. I didn't beat on it, but four years of
being parked outside was beginning to show. Traded it in on an '85 CGT. Received
I didn't feel screwed over, either. This was a 5-speed Turbo fwd... intermediate
in value between the AT turbo and the Quattro. I can't imagine paying more than
$1500 for a fwd AT, unless it was even more pristine than my old 5kt. So, if it
is one of these, your idea of a quick resell will probably come to frustration.
If it is a 5ktq, less so... but keep in mind, I've seen tq's languish at used car
lots at $2000. Bottom line: a running Turbo is not a bad deal at $600 (but I'd
think twice about *any* AT)- but only to *keep*. Profiteering and 5000s don't
mix. It's one of the most rewarding cheap-to-buy cars there is, but you will
never get your money out. OK in my book due to the generally low investment
involved. I joked that mine was the answer to the question:
"What costs $750 and does 130 mph without breathing too hard?"
Just my opinion...
'87 5kcst (r.i.p)
'85 CGT (rippin')
'93 90S (sister's)

BADFISH469@aol.com wrote:

> Hi All!
>            I am lurker on this list, as I own a Porsche, I find some of the
> info to be cross-related. Anyhow, I found an 86 5KT (dont know if it is Q) in
> decent shape, for $600.00, it is at a used car lot, it is not running. The
> car lot said it is the fuel pump, and that they will fix it and make it run
> for that price... My question is:
> If I buy this car, put a little TLC into, and make it run correctly, what
> kind of resale value might I expect? I am hoping that maybe I could sell it
> for $2500+ if it was running. Any one have any input? TIA
> Jay
> 82 924
> 77 924'
> 55 VW
> 83 Ranger 4X4