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New slave cylinder, what else IS wrong?

Steven (and list),
	I have final clarification...the slave cylinder was replaced NOT 
the master cylinder.  The part list shows clutch slave (P/N 4A0-721-261) 
at $100.26 which doesn't seem too unreasonable (Blaufergnugen sells for $75, 
and I haven't checked TPC yet).  Labor was $184.00 ($96/hr) for 
installation and a flush with another $11.96 for brake fluid.  There is a 
long story behind the miscommunication but I apologize for any mix up.
	Having said that, the car still has trouble shifting.  It is ALOT 
better than before, but I still have a hard time pushing into first & 
second somtimes, especially when cold but sometimes after highway driving 
too.  Going from first to second still grinds occassionally (depends on 
timing, quicker shift = higher chance of grinding).  Shift into third 
a fourth is never hard (I don't have to push hard) but it does feel 
'knotchy' (not grinding, but not smooth as if I can feel the "gears" 
meshing together) sometimes.  Also, I find that pushing the shifter as 
far left as possible eases the shift into first and second (of course, 
this is probably the reason the shifter itself feels "looser" now).
	I must reiterate that the shifting is ALOT smoother than before.  The 
car was not perfect when I got it back, but it may be getting 
worse (it's hard to be sure).  It seems to me the best case scenario might 
be a leaky master cylinder (clutch still not fully engaging/disengaging) 
that I can fix myself.  Worst case scenario, the synchros are on their way 
out.  Also, is it possible the PO has worn the synchro's to his particular 
shifting style, and that my style isn't compatible?  
	I am trying to keep the city miles to a minimum, but unfortunately, it 
often can't be avoided.  Any thoughts you have time to offer would be  
greatly appreciated.

George Siambis
San Francisco
1988 90q
5cyl, 160K

On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Buchholz, Steven wrote:

> > 	Miscommunication with the shop was involved.  Their 
> > computer says M/C while a handwritten note says slave 
> > cylinder...there 
> ... that's comforting ... or perhaps not.  How much are they charging you
> for a M/C swap?  I suppose that the majority of the price is the cost of the
> M/C ... I found that Audi wants something like $200+ for the part.  Rod at
> The Parts Connection told me I could get one from him for less than $50.  
> > 
> > 	Out of curiosity, where does the fuild that leaks 
> > around the seal 
> > around piston inside the master cylinder leak to?
> > 	
> ... it leaks to the unpressurized side of the cylinder and effectively gets
> pumped back to the reservoir when you release the clutch.
> > 	Thanks for the advice on doing the job myself, but I don't 
> > have the time right now & I wouldn't trust myself with that 
> > just yet.  I did 
> > try to look up The Parts Connection (for future needs) but 
> > had no luck.  
> > If you still have a number or even just a city I would be 
> > much obliged.
> > 
> They are out near Fresno ... sorry I didn't know that you weren't aware of
> them.  The easiest way to get info on them is via their website:
> 	http://www.thepartsconnection.com/
> ... but I just checked there and got the phone number: 1-800-472-1144 
> HTH!
> Steve