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NO 4Motion Beetle, NO 4Motion or 1.8t Golf or Jetta for USA in 2000

While picking up parts at my local Audi/VW dealer here in Chicago, I
asked a salesman when the following would be available, and got the
follwing answers:

1.8t Golf/Jetta IV - Not in 2000
1.8t 4Motion Passat - Not in 2000 (sorry, have to spend the bucks on the
4Motion Beetle (any engine) - Not in 2000
4Motion Golf/Jetta (any engine) - Not in 2000
2.8 30V 4Motion Passat - March/April 2000, about $4000 cheaper than A4

So, I looks like if you want quattro/4Motion by any name, you've got to
pop for a minimum of $26000 for an A4 1.8tq, and if you wan't the 1.8t
w/o 4 rings on the grille, you've got to spend the extra dough for a
Beetle or Passat for at least another calendar year.
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