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RE: Straaange Noise

Broken exhaust hanger.


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Sent:	Friday, December 10, 1999 1:38 PM
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Subject:	Straaange Noise

Last night I drove the wifes car (91 90Q 20V)  Car runs and drives nice,
nice and tight.  But I noticed a noise that sounded strange in the rear.
Im going to look at it this weekend, but if anyone has had this before
please point me in the right direction....

Driving on sideroads at slow speeds, when I come to a stop sign, I hear
a strange 'rubbing' noise coming from the rear (or so it seems).  If I
give it some gas, it goes away, if I push in the clutch, it goes away.
Only in gear, coming to a stop with my foot off the gas.  Any tips