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5ktq engine into 90' 100q?

I have a 90' 100q non turbo that I like quite abit, but i do miss the 
performance of my previous turbo's ( both were 5ktq's).  I've talked to some 
other listers out there, and done some research on my own, and it would 
appear that there is not a whole lot I can do to this powerplant (10v) to 
breathe fire into it.  I have located a few chip applications, but the hp/$ 
tradeoff doesn't seem to be worth it, nor would a free-flow exhaust set-up. I 
also don't care to start grasping at straws by having the fly-wheel machine 
lightened, etc.  I do however, have at my disposal, a 1987 5ktq engine that 
is in very good condition, minus the tranny. My question to you is, is this 
engine swap possible w/ the turbo plumbing et al?  I'm assuming the mounts 
are the same due the seemingly identical appearence of the engine bay ( yes, 
I know how foolish it is to assume anything). Also, will my current tranny 
mate up with the 5k engine w/no problems. What about electrical? I'm sure 
there are questions I'm forgetting to ask, so feel free to expand, or to 
point out why this is a terrible idea!   I will certainly appreciate any, and 
all responses. thanx