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RE: Stabilant 22A source

Did some more digging and I found a source for Stabilant 22A, Napa Auto 
parts - they don't have it in store, but Balkamp (sp) supplies it out of 
their warehouse.  Bad news is that a 5ml bottle (can't be sure but that's 
what the parts guy thinks) is $49.13 plus the gov's share.  Ouch!  Then 
again, how much does it cost for every freakin' relay and switch, and 
aspirin for electrical gremlin diagnosis headaches....

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From:	Stephen Bigelow [SMTP:sbigelow@sprint.ca]
Sent:	Friday, December 10, 1999 2:57 PM
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Try a high-end stereo shop.

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From: Randy McCall <randym@schiller.com>
>Also, I have been calling local parts houses for Stabilant 22A - Car 
>Grand Auto/Kragen, Napa - based on previous info regarding who stocks the
>stuff, but still no luck.  Anyone find it around the Bay Area, and where?