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RE: My Tire Dilemma

Toyo makes the T1 (or T1-S now) in that size. I haven't tried them yet, but
from what I've heard they're probably equal or better than the Michelin's in
the dry and definitely better in the wet.
Now if only they'd make the RA1 in that size ...

Gary Kaklikian
86 4kcstq
86 5kcstq

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> From: 	Huw Powell[SMTP:audi@mediaone.net]
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> Sent: 	Friday, December 10, 1999 11:49 AM
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> Subject: 	My Tire Dilemma
> For about 16 months now, since putting 15" wheels on my coupe, I have
> been running 215/45 tires.  The first four were some used ones from a
> lister, Continental Sport Contacts.  When I finally had hit the wear
> bars on the front, I started looking for replacments.
> That's when I discovered 1. these were quite old tires and 2. no one
> makes 215/45-15 tires.  Except, briefly, for a about one week this
> spring, Michelin made one pair of Pilot SX-GT's which I bought from the
> Tire Rack.
> now there are none.
> Trouble is, these tires are great.  I can drive sideways without
> screeching or riding the sidewalls, they even last pretty well. 
> I alway used to buy $50-60 tires (Falken FX-06C's were my all time
> favorites), these Michelins were $125 each.
> I wanna know, how much of what I like about these is due to the
> outrageous (for my car) width and how much to the construction, design,
> price, etc. or is it just what all tires with a low enough profile ride
> like?
> Cause I need at least a pair of tires right now and I am going bonkers.
> 50 series 195's or 205's will "fit", but looking at 195's on the other
> coupe, they just seem so narrow I get vertigo...
> I just don't want to wind up losing all the fun driveability I have
> gotten used to...
> thanks for your forbearance of my ignorance!
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