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Re: ECU/Oxygen sensor question

About that surging when the a/c compressor kicks in... my a/c compressor
went earlier in the year and I installed a reman. I got from Pep Boys (very
good price). The car surges no more when the compressor kicks in, runs
smoothly, same with a/c on or off.  I was told it has to do with the number
of pistons in the unit.

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Subject: ECU/Oxygen sensor question

> If an injector were clogged would the ECU/Oxygen sensor be able to
> compensate for the excess oxygen and not set a fault code?  How would
> this condition (clogged injector)be diagnosed?  They all seem to be
> clicking away.  Would an exhaust gas anylizer show anything?
> Has anyone had their injectors cleaned/inspected as routine maintenace
> and how much did it cost?
> Still troubleshooting this:
> 1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20 Valve
> I have been experiencing surging under light load in 2nd or 3rd gear
> under
> light throttle.  While cruising it feels like the engine is cutting out
> momentarily, kind of like when the AC is on (which it isn't).  I
> replaced
> the oxygen sensor and now I no longer have a hunting idle after coming
> to a
> stop but the surging is still there.  The idle also isn't as smooth as
> it
> was a couple weeks ago.  I searched for vacuum leaks with propane and
> found
> nothing.  Techron didn't work.  Plugs are new.
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