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Re: 16v HEAD??

CIAPU94@aol.com writes:
> I am wondering if audi has made a 16v head for a 4cyl. motor?
> I have a 924 turbo. I was told by some one that he once found a 16v head that 
> woudl fit perfectly on it a few years ago. But he doesnt remeber which head 
> it was although he said it was a VW or audi head. I went to a salvage yard 
> and checked the only 16v head i Knew of from WV, which was off a 16v 
> scirocco, and put my 924 head up next to it, and the 924 head was 
> significantly longer and a bit wider. Now i am wondering if perhaps audi made 
> a 16 V head, and if any one knows if there is one, is it bigger than the head 
> on a 16v VW, and will it possibly fit my block?
> the piston diameter on a 924 is 86.5 mm, if that helps give any idea of the 
> size of the head.

This rumour is rampant amongst the 924 circles, it seems.
Audi does make a 16V motor for the 80 Sport 16V model in about
the 1990 time frame (not sold in north America), but that is
basically the same as the VW Scirocco motor but oriented for
longitudinal mounting.  There is no 16V head that will fit the
924 motor.

So this ends that discussion.

> By the way, the block on the 924 is the same as the audi 100 sl(not the late 
> model 100 but the earlier one like around 1979), and also the VW LT van. i 
> dont think those car were ever imported into the us.

The 100LS was imported to the US between circa 1969-1977.  And you are
right it uses an engine that has common roots as the 924's and the VW LT
van (also some AMC Pacer/Gremlin).  That engine is not at all compatible with
the later VW and Audi engines but for some reason many 924 people
believe the contrary, but don't bother to actually compare.  You obviously
did and it is as you say, not interchangeable.

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