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Re: 16v HEAD??

In a message dated 12/11/99 1:10:58 AM Central Standard Time, ti@amb.org 

> This rumour is rampant amongst the 924 circles, it seems.
>  Audi does make a 16V motor for the 80 Sport 16V model in about
>  the 1990 time frame (not sold in north America), but that is
>  basically the same as the VW Scirocco motor but oriented for
>  longitudinal mounting.  There is no 16V head that will fit the
>  924 motor.
>  So this ends that discussion.
>  > By the way, the block on the 924 is the same as the audi 100 sl(not the 
> late 
>  > model 100 but the earlier one like around 1979), and also the VW LT van. 
>  > dont think those car were ever imported into the us.
>  The 100LS was imported to the US between circa 1969-1977.  And you are
>  right it uses an engine that has common roots as the 924's and the VW LT
>  van (also some AMC Pacer/Gremlin).  That engine is not at all compatible 
> with
>  the later VW and Audi engines but for some reason many 924 people
>  believe the contrary, but don't bother to actually compare.  You obviously
>  did and it is as you say, not interchangeable.
Well, any chacnce the 20v head from the new audis could work?

or heck any other manuafacturer? I woudl be really great if I could get a 4 
valve (or more) head. 
Or does any one know any secrets related to this motor?
Thanks guys,

Mike D