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RE: Idle

Thanks Kevin

I did read your post on the controller, my glovebox is dry, but it's well
worth a look, I was planning on doing it but it's pissing with rain, maybe

Errrrrr well I thought my glovebox was dry, it isn't actually dry at all,
any more wet and I could have a goldfish in there!!!!!

Where did you seal the screen any other tips how to cure please. Also where
exactly is the ISV controller?

Thanks for the mail  and look forward to hearing back from you.



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From:	Kevin Phillips [mailto:kevphill@yahoo.com]
Sent:	11 December 1999 02:01
To:	iain.atkinson@tesco.net
Subject:	Idle

I note from the list several problems with idle speed
fluctuations/stalling when cold. My experience on my UK Coupe Quattro
may help out some people.
My problem was found by chance as I was looking to find out where all
the water was coming from that filled up the glove box when it rained.
Well the seal around the windscreen had been letting in water for
several years and water had corroded the double relay size control unit
that controls the idle solenoid valve. I took it apart, cleaned and
resoldered the circuit board and cleaned the connector block. This
completely solved all idle issues, so to preserve the unit from future
damage it was covered by a plastic bag. The passenger door will fall
off one day as the pillar was badly corroded but it will still run.
Hope this helps

Iain, I posted this to the list just a couple of days ago. I think it
is a good idea to look up under the glove box to see if the controller
is in the same state mine was. When I was looking for my car they all
seamed to have water leaking into the glovebox.
What is up with the list these days, a few intelligent people trying to
out shout each other ? I like to read all the posts although some
ramble on too much. I am suprised no one has noticed that the digest
gets delivered all out of sync at the moment.
Hope to catch up over the weekend,
Kevin Phillips.

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