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Youth v the 'Unka Barts'

I've gathered my thoughts wrt youth, enthusiasm and it's reckless disregard 
for established fences and authority....  We all agree that a better IC in 
audi turbo cars is a screaming need.  I've certainly come to realize 
Sachelle's project is going to yield him more knowledge than any book or 
paper or reference.  A great thing, reminds me of the way I started and 
executed projects, but now rarely do.  As we age, time becomes our worst 
enemy, and our best advocate for finding out what and why others do/did what 
was done.  I metaphorically envision smaller steps with age, with smaller 
gains of forward momentum, but minimal losses of time, dollars and traction.

Copper IC's?  I'm smiling at the intellectual drool when enthusiasm and youth 
are awed by a potential 40%increase in heat exchange efficiency of materials, 
just by using copper instead of aluminum (several old farts heard to whisper: 
 All else being equal). 

So this cremudgeony old lister gathers his trusty 'trigger', and tries to 
rope the young stallion, to point out the well learned established rule of 
fences, you are guilded thru them, it's not necessary to jump them.  Jealousy 
of youth, or the experienced scars of misjudged fence height?

A public apology to Sachelle, from an old list cremudgeon.  Sachelle, best of 
luck to you in your quest.  

Scott Justusson