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Non-q to q

May I ask you some more stupid questions? :-)

I've just bought two more Audis for $600.. (extremely cheap here)
It's a '86 5kcsq and a '87 5ks.. The q is somewhat badly damaged in
front (collision) and has the engine removed. Transmission and
driveline is intact. In addition, it has got some nice stuff like
leather seats, ABS brakes etc. I wondered if I could make one car out
of these two cars. Based on the condition of the q, it's the worst. In
addition, it has got a salvage title. The 5ks is just suffering from
the "normal" stuff like bouncy idle, leaking rack and inoperable
window switches, and it not salvaged. What would be involved in
transplanting the whole rear suspension with quattro to the non-q? Can
the mounting points be installed on the non-q or is it structural
differences between FWD and q? Something that doesn't include much
welding? (I don't trust my own welding that much, and to have somebody
do it is expensive if it needs much work)

Unfortuneately, a salvage title here in Norway mostly means that the
vehicle with that VIN can't be titled anymore - just a parts car..

Thanks a lot!