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Re: finally...it runs


How much was this "bargain" originally?

How much (est) is into it now (placing value on scavenged parts & your


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From: Mike Mulholland <meyeke@netinc.ca>
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Sent: Saturday, December 11, 1999 10:30 AM
Subject: finally...it runs

> about 1 year ago my son and his wife purchased a non-running 5ks....i had
> told them that if they feel it's a good buy that i would help them to fix
> up. my son suggested that if _he_ couldn't fix it in a week (his vacation
> time) no-one could!......he couldn't fix it and it stood outside rusting
> new rotors for months. i couldn't stand seeing such waste and brought it
> into my shop for me to repair. i learned two things...
> -1 don't believe what people tell you that they have done...check it
> -don't buy _project_cars unless you have the time and disposition to
> through with the project.
> that said, here is what i found and corrected...car is an 84 5ks with
> -the engine....had wrong timing belt! to accomodate it someone had removed
> the idler....the _new_ timing belt had no teeth left.
>         the cooling system had no fluid...adding fluid revealed a missing
> frost plug.
>         the engine had no compression (see # 1)
>         checking the injectors revealed that they all leaked.
> i changed the engine with the one from my donor 5k wagon.
>         my son had changed the rotors and had the drums machined as well
> new pads and shoes.
>         i found that the wheel cylinders leaked and replaced them
> had also incorrectly installed the springs on the rear brakes :>(. i
> the fluid and bled the brakes. the bomb, although not perfect still gave
> lots of pumps before going hard.
>         one of the parking brake cables was siezed so it too was replaced.
>         the radiator leaked, and was replaced with one from the donor.
> -the engine was started and brought up to temp....the heater then emptied
> all of the new antifreeze onto the passenger side floor...replaced the
> heater box with the one from the donor
>         both engine mounts and the tranny mount were broken...once again,
> the relatively new ones from the donor car offered their services.
>         the hood supports were shot...donor car once again saved the day.
>         all hoses and vac lines were replaced
>         the oil cooler, valve cover, and timing belt covers were all
> a bright red as was the tranny oil pan.
>         the alternator was making obnoxious noises...the donor saved the
>         new belts were also installed
>         the starter was slow and noisy...dismantling revealed a _really_
> front bearing...cleaning and regreasing helped here
>         changed the engine oil and filter as well as all other fluids,
> regreased the cv joints.
>         finally...it was ready so i took it for a drive
> what a great car! it was actually worth doing. sure i _should_ have fixed
> the donor wagon and not the sedan, but the dil preferred the sedan.
> the 5ks feels lighter and more nimble than the 5ktq, sure the tq has lots
> more power and quattro...but the 5ks sedan is ideal for the dil...who
> really understand about gear changing, cool down, and not holding in the
> clutch for every light.
>         oh yes the donor wagon also gave up a wheel for use as a full size
> spare...the jack too.....and a door handle.
>         the car now has about 10 hrs driving time and is feeling better
> day as it wears-in to being used again.
> mike
> 86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
> 84 5ks
> 84 5ksw
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