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5kcstq brakes hanging up?

Recently the brakes (apparently) hung/locked on at the start of a trip
in my '87 5kcstq  140,000. I made the decision to nurse it home if I
could and did. Then replaced rotors and pads all around, accumulator,
and rear hub bearings. I trust the mechanic but he is at or beyond his
limits with the car. I certainly am, mechanically.

The problem remains: At startup all feels normal including braking and
pedal feel; after driving about 20 miles (2 lane local, moderate speed,
say 40 - 60 mph) brake pedal resistance is hard, with little or no pedal
travel, and with noticeable increase in power necessary to maintain

Any idea what's going on?

Also, for longer than I care to admit to,  the check engine light comes
on at about 3000 rpm about 2/3 of the time. It always goes off by
dropping to about 2800 rpm and sometimes by running up well above 3000.
I assume I've got 2 different problems.

Tom Cronin