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Re: V8 engine in type 44

In a message dated 12/10/99 1:33:53 PM Central Standard Time, 
Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com writes:

<< ... word on the street is that the 4.2 block is the same automatic or
 manual, and that both are compatible with the old Q tranny's bellhousing.  A
 quick check of TFA could confirm this, but I'm having to live without for a
 bit thanks to some software corruption on my home system ... apparently
 thanks to somebody's website.  You don't have to think about V8s either, I
 understand that the 30v V6 is compatible as well.  
 Perhaps the best way to be sure that you have what you need is to look for a
 whole car that has the donor powerplant.  That way you'lll be sure to have
 the bits from the wiring harness that you need to splice the two together.
 Ben Howell/Jeff Goggin have gotten pretty far along on getting a 3.6l PT
 engine into an ur-q ... a type 44 should not be more difficult than that ...
 Be sure to do your homework though before putting too much money into the
 Steve Buchholz
 San Jose, CA (USA)

The automatice V8 engine block and the standard engine block are vastly 
different. In fact the car's body structure is different as well(the engine 
mounting points are in a different location). In addition to this exhasut 
headers are a bit different as well as the lower oil pan assembly on the 
engine. A 4.2 will not bolt up to an 016 transmission. I even believe this is 
the case with the V6's but have not seen it yet.