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Re: Really bad TT ownership experience

Hmmm... Haven't we seen ALL of these before??
Aside from age-related 2nd gear problems in the later Type 44's let's
reveiw the list...

> 1. An intermittent reset of the instrument pod.
--- tons of instr cluster problems on the later Type 44's
> 2. A faulty fuel sensor, which can show a 1/2 left when the car is bone
> (a number of other owners have also had this problem, and several have
> out of gas).
---- erroneous fuel level reporting a topic of discussion lately

> 3. A loud metallic rattle when accelerating or decelerating (Audi says
> it has something to do with a turbo release valve).
---- plenty of rattles and strange noises have been discussed here

> 4. Leak in the power steering pump line (successfully repaired).
--- no comment

> 5. Loud rattle of the rear privacy cover (replaced and is now fine).
---- CQ owners care to comment?
> 6. Breakdown of the wheels' finish (replaced and is now fine).
---  calling CQ owners again...

It looks as if things are getting worse not better if all these are
happening on
brand new cars.   Most if not all of the items on the list have happened
only due
to age on our older Audis.

Very sorry to hear of  your experience Brad.  At least the owners of
older cars exhibiting
these problems can make peace with it due to age, wear, and tear...  most
of the time.

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