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Re: Non-q to q

>  Can the mounting points be installed on the non-q or is it structural
>  differences between FWD and q?

There was an article in VW/Audi Car magazine several years ago about a rally 
team that converted a FWD bodyshell to a quattro because they wrote off their 
car during an event and couldn't find a replacement quattro bodyshell in time 
for the next one.  I don't know exactly what steps were involved or how much 
time they spent on it but clearly it *can* be done if absolutely necessary... 

>  Something that doesn't include much welding? (I don't trust my own welding 
that much, and to have somebody
>  do it is expensive if it needs much work)

Unlikely ... it's probalby better to make a nice FWD car out of the two 
you've got and sell it for a profit to put toward a quattro when and if you 
find one.