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RE: Really bad TT - idea ...

Send him an email.  If you've had email correspondence with AoA, you should 
be able to figure out the pattern of their email names.

Or, send another letter marked "Personal and Confidential", send it "Return 
Receipt Requested", and/or...  call again and lie about who you are to the 

>Some weeks elapsed, and I still had not received any response.  So I called
>Audi and asked for one of the employees who had requested the letter.  They
>asked my name, and the call was intercepted and forwarded to a fellow named
>Mike DeCrane.  Mr. DeCrane was hostile, rude, and unresponsive.  He acted as
>if was an idiot for sending the letter, even though I told him that I had
>sent it in response to Audi's request.  He told me that I should keep
>bringing in my TT as many times as necessary, and in essence, that Audi was
>not going to lift a finger to assist me, or comply with my requests.  It
>made me sick to my stomach.