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Re: 5kt hard/not start

This post concerns an 85 5kt.
I'm not familiar with the Boulder car, as I'm just getting to know some of 
the local listers. There is only one Denver area guy I would steer people 
clear of, and that only in private.
If memory serves, a 2084 is the crank locking tool? I don't have one of 
those, but I did make a tool that works quite well for removing the crank 
damper. It's a steel bar with a fixture that engages the damper, and has a 
hole to allow the socket onto the bolt. No stress on the rest of the engine.
I do have a round cat off of an 85 CGT.
Would you have a driver side door wiring harness for the 5kt? On mine, the 
wires are _all_ so abraded, it doesn't pay to try to patch in new pieces.
The start problem is only when it's below around 30 degrees, and set for a 
while. Really puzzling at this point.

91 100
85 5kt
85 CGT
85 CGT parts/donor
83 URQ
96 LT4